2018 Ahnapee Summer Solstice Ultramarathon and Relay

Saturday, June 23, 2018


2018 Ahnapee Summer Solstice Ultramarathon and Relay

Runners will line up at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds entrance for a 7:00 am start. They will head through Luxemburg to the Ahnapee State Trail, where they will continue for most of the rest of the event. From Luxemburg, they will travel through farmland to Reckelberg Park for the first exchange. Reckelberg Park will be a familiar stop for teams as they will visit this area three times during the event. From there the run heads south toward Kewaunee where they will pass through an exchange zone at the Ice Age Trail parking lot on County C. At the Ice Age Trail parking lot, there will be a nice spread of food available for runners as they pass through on the out and back. From this point, runners will proceed to the first turnaround at Bruemmer Park. This section of the trail is incredibly scenic as it skirts the Kewaunee River. After the turnaround, runners will pass through the Ice Age Trail Exchange and return to Reckelberg Park. From Reckelberg, they will head east toward Casco, where they will run through cedar swamps and arrive at the second food stop in downtown Casco. This is the turnaround point for the 50K runners, while the 50 milers will continue east. The next exchange is in Rio Creek, where the final push to the east will commence. This section of the trail crosses farmlands, passes through shaded woodlands, and crosses the Silver Creek. The turnaround for the 50 milers is at the outskirts of Algoma, and the return journey begins. Runners will head west back through Rio Creek, Casco, and Reckelberg Park, where they will make the final push for the finish line at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds, where the celebration will begin!!

Post Race party at the fairgrounds from 12:00-7:00!!!

Showers available at the fairgrounds!

50K Legs

Leg 1 – 4.2 miles

Leg 2 – 2.67 miles

Leg 3 – 6.23 miles

Leg 4 – 6.23 miles

Leg 5 – 2.67 miles

Leg 6 – 2.46 miles

Leg 7 – 2.46 miles

Leg 8 – 4.2 miles

Total mileage – 31.12 miles

Link to 50K Course http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2018456476


50 Mile Legs

Leg 1 – 4.2 miles

Leg 2 – 2.67 miles

Leg 3 – 6.23 miles

Leg 4 – 6.23 miles

Leg 5 – 2.67 miles

Leg 6 – 2.46 miles

Leg 7 – 4.53 miles

Leg 8 – 5.00 miles

Leg 9 – 5.00 miles

Leg 10 – 4.53 miles

Leg 11 – 2.46 miles

Leg 12 – 4.2 miles

Total mileage – 50.19 miles

Link to 50 Mile Course http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1921836860


Solo Runners:
50K/50 Mile Male
50K/50 Mile Female

Relay Teams (Duos, Trios, Quads, and Fives)
Youth (all runners 19 and under)
Mixed Gender

Open (any age)
Mixed Gender

Master’s (all runners over 40)
Mixed Gender

All finishers receive a custom medal at the finish line.

Register Here:

  • $40 per person early registration – before 12/31/17
  • $50 per person regular registration – 1/1/18-5/31/18
  • $60 per person late registration (no guarantee for shirts or medals) – 6/1/18-6/18/18


Each Team start time will be sorted according to their anticipated Finishing time and placed into an appropriate start ‘wave’. The race director will be contacting participants for anticipated pace in June to establish the need for waves. If we feel waves are necessary, all teams and solos will be seeded appropriately and teams and solos will be contacted.

The purpose is to help insure that every team in each wave finishes at approximately the same time. Start times are assigned with the slowest teams seeded first.


You must start at your assigned time. Start times will be assigned in early June 2018 and will be posted here when available. An e-mail will be sent out to notify participants when they are posted.

When you view the wave start times, please find your team name and confirm that the number of team members listed is correct as well as your team division. Please have a representative from your team e-mail melissadupke@gmail.com if you see any issues with your start time*, number of team members, division, or if you have any other questions or concerns.

*It is very important that you contact us regarding your start time if you believe your team will be slower or faster than when you originally registered. This is very important so we can be sure that exchange zones can be ready for you.


Each Team is responsible for supplying an adequate first aid kit on board each vehicle to treat blisters, abrasions and other common ailments. Bellin will be supplying two trainers who will be available throughout the entire event.


ALL roads are open to traffic. No traffic or police monitors are promised to protect runners from vehicular traffic along the course. Participants and team vehicles, please exercise care at all times.

Participants must run on the left side of the road or sidewalk and obey all Wisconsin traffic laws.


Each exchange point is approximately 2-7 miles apart and marked with orange cones. Participants waiting for the next leg must line up single file along the left shoulder of the road at the exchange location. Step out of the chute into the exchange zone as your team member approaches. Participants finishing must exit the exchange area thereafter.


FRIDAY, JUNE 22 (4PM to 7PM)

Kewaunee County Fairgrounds

625 3rd St.

Luxemburg, WI 54217


view map


Kewaunee County Fairgrounds


Each Team will receive:

  • Front bib for each runner
  • Wristband (to be passed from runner to runner at each exchange location)
  • A t-shirt for each team member
  • Goody bag with items from our sponsors


  • EACH team is supplied one slap band. This MUST be worn by the team member while running on the course. The runners will ‘exchange’ the slap bands at designated Exchange Zones ONLY.
  • ALL traffic has the right-of-way while you are running on the course! Follow the AHNAPEE SUMMER SOLSTICE signs. These will be placed on the side of the road that you are to be running on and on the trail every mile.
  • Relay teams and solos MUST cover the entire 50K/50 miles to be eligible for awards and official finish times. If a runner is unable to complete a leg, another member of the team must take over where the other runner left off and complete the leg.
  • AHNAPEE SUMMER SOLSTICE signage will be at every turn and mile marker.
  • HEADPHONES are allowed, but PLEASE keep the volume low. We recommend using just one earphone if possible. Your SAFETY is our #1 concern!
  • EVERY exchange zone will have water and energy gel available. If you need water between Exchanges, you must carry your own!! YOUR team is allowed to give you assistance in the form of food, fluids and clothing while running your leg. (NO rides!!)
  • You MUST have your ID to have be served alcohol. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Liquor is NOT allowed on The Deck, please stay in the designated areas.

POST RACE PARTY from 12:00-7:00 pm

Kewaunee County Fairgrounds

625 3rd St.

Luxemburg, WI 54217

Food and drink are FREE (Yes, including beer!) to all participants and volunteers.

PARKING will be available along the road.

Have FUN, run FAST and enjoy the post-race PARTY!

2018 Sponsors
Coming Soon!
Please stop back.


Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors!

Bellin Health

Ebert Family
Kitty Fulwiler
Wisconsin Public Service
Nicolet National Bank
Starry Knight Friesians.
Luxemburg Pharmacy
Weber Insurance
Kewaunee County Parks
KRUZ 106.7

Dentistry By Design
Dominion Energy-Kewaunee Power Station
Dairy Dreams
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Jacque’s Painting
Subway of Algoma
Door County Parks
Steve and Rose Skaletski
WS Packaging
Pagel’s Ponderosa
Bank of Luxemburg
Rapid Response

Lakeshore Vision
The Precision Way
Algoma Chamber of Commerce-Shanty Days
Forest Construction
Rio Creek Feed Mill
Novak Agency & Real Estate
Stodola’s IGA
Schinderle Funeral Home
Innovative LED Solutions LLC
Walters of Rio Creek
Jim’s Johns

Dairyland Vet
Craig’s Piggly Wiggly
Super Valu
Moss and Sharon



2017 Results

Overall Winners

50 Mile Solo – Jessica Bird

32 Mile Solo – Elliot Heath

50 Mile Team – Weber Insurance

32 Mile Team – Manitowoc Men and One Kid

Results by Division

50 Mile Solo Female

Jessica Bird 7:39

50 Mile Solo Male

Andrew Kerbel 10:03

32 Mile Solo Female

Candice Knuteson 5:30

Julie Freund 5:32

Erin Smith 6:15

Cindy Peot 6:33

Laurie Zacharias 6:40

Janet Dabson 7:48

32 Mile Solo Male

Elliot Heath 4:43

Dave Smith 4:49

Alexander Gonzalez 4:51

Chad Kurowski 5:30

Boris Tannenbaum 6:34

Roger Braun 6:40

Pete Mueller 6:41

Mathew Dabson 6:50

David Vlaj 6:58

Jason Last 7:06

32 Mile Team Relay

Manitowoc Men and One Kid 4:04

50 Mile Team Relay

Weber Insurance 6:24

F.N. Fun Runners 6:26

Scrambled Legs 7:04

Green Bay Bike Polo Running Club 7:13

Team Roller 7:31

50…What The?? 7:37

Active Mayhem 8:12

Solstice Women on a Mission 8:39

2016 Results

Solstice Women on a Mission (Open Female Team of 5) 6:57
We’re the Millers (Open Mixed Team of 2) 7:05
F.N. Fun Runners (Open Mixed Team of 3) 7:10
Scrambled Legs (Open Mixed Team of ) 7:42
F.N. Fun Runners 2 (Open Mixed Team of 5) 7:45
Weber Insurance Services (Open Mixed Team of 5) 7:54
50 What the?…(Open Mixed Team of 5) 7:58
Kolterjahn Family (Open Mixed Team of 5) 8:00
S.low P.eople E.arning E.xtra D.rinks (Open Mixed Team of 5) 8:23
Active Mayhem (Open Female Team of 5) 8:30

Short Course:
Beauties and the Beast (Open Mixed Team of 5)
O.R. Else (Open Female Team of 5)

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