The Ahnapee State Trail is a multi-use trail. It is used by people who travel its length in multiple ways. In the summer some people walk, some jog or run, some ride bicycles, and some ride horses or drive horse drawn wagons, buggies, or carts. In the winter snowmobiles, fat bikes, cross country skiers, and snowshoers share the trail.



Vocalize when approaching horses from behind-avoid surprises.
Get off and walk bicycles as you pass horses.
Yield to horses as you would pedestrians.



Trail is open to horse April 15th thru November 15th.
Make sure your horse is “trail safe”.
Pick up after your animals.



Yield trail to horses, allowing them to pass.
Avoid making sudden movements of sounds that my startle horses.
Well behaved dogs are allowed on trail with a maximum 8″ leash.

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